Ideas from the East are extremely dangerous to liberal modernity and the ruling class has carefully crafted an institutionalized "left" to wage its ideological war.
Why does the Left not want a Communist message to reach workers who identify with the MAGA movement?
Imperialism Then vs. Imperialism TodayWatch now (125 min) | Interview with political economist, Jay Tharappel, to discuss his most recent study, Why China's Capital Exports Can Weaken…
An analysis of the media landscape and how communists can effectively utilize it for overcoming the dominant capitalist consciousness.
Can the same laws describe evolution of species and evolution of society? Why does Western Marxism delink reproduction from production?
What we know as human knowledge is only a narrow sliver of actually existing human knowledge. What would it take to break out this intellectual prison?
Russia-Ukraine Updates: Bioweapons and the dangerous 'No Fly Zone'Watch now (48 min) | Hailey and I offer analyses on US-funded biolabs in Ukraine and the dangers of a No Fly Zone. I also provide transcriptions of…
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Shattering Hegemony