What we know as human knowledge is only a narrow sliver of actually existing human knowledge. What would it take to break out this intellectual prison?
Russia-Ukraine Updates: Bioweapons and the dangerous 'No Fly Zone'Watch now (48 min) | Hailey and I offer analyses on US-funded biolabs in Ukraine and the dangers of a No Fly Zone. I also provide transcriptions of…
'Believing Science,' pt. 1: Pandemic ImperialismListen now (100 min) | In a panel with other communist scientists and thinkers, I discussed the role of science in society and how liberals weaponized…
Why Russian deterrence of NATO is a positive development in anti-imperialism.
Let's begin 2022 with some optimism.
A new anti-imperialist media collective and weekly news/analysis live stream from an anti-imperialist and materialist perspective.
Don't Look Up was pure capitalist propaganda.
An introduction to neoliberalism's latest strategy for survival: a new virtual universe.
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Shattering Hegemony